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Desh Apnayen's Citizenship Club

Desh Apnayen encourages all partner schools to start a Desh Apnayen Citizenship Club(DACC) in their schools.

The activities suggested in Desh Apnayen Citizenship Club further cement the Citizenship Education syllabus based content delivered to schools.

Citizenship Education In India

Desh Apnayen Citizenship Club aims to provide life-learning opportunities for our youth which will significantly influence and benefit their development as committed Indian citizens. Participation in Desh Apnayen Citizenship Club program develops leadership skills, exposes students to the various citizenship ideals that the country values and provides some very positive mentoring.

The purpose of the club is:

  • To inspire and train the students to be responsible and able citizens.

  • To conduct inspirational activities and events to strengthen the WILL of the students to become committed citizens.

  • To deliver the content to build the SKILLS required to be responsible citizens.

  • To achieve an augmented awareness of global social issues through citizenship education curriculum and a series of experiential, engaging and fun loaded activities.

The central focus of Desh Apnayen clubs is to expose the young people to increase their global awareness, principles and importance of democracy, heighten their appreciation of diversity and enlarge their capacity to work and contribute in an increasingly interconnected world.

Schools are encouraged to conduct activities similar to the ones described below under the auspices of Desh Apnayen Citizenship Club:

  • Simulations - Help create a real life situation and understand one’s own behaviour in a set context. They make an event not only a powerful learning experience but a landmark activity which can be shared with a larger group.

  • Quizzes - Aid in exploring an idea in a fun filled manner and initiate competition amongst the students, boost their marks and memory. These ensure greater engagements from the students as well as help them get thorough with their citizenship studies.

  • Debates and discussions - To enable students to form and express cogent arguments.

  • Art based activities such as face painting, slogans and posters, scroll making, collages on suitable topics to facilitate the expression of an abstract concept and create the shared understanding of an idea as well.

  • Role plays and enactments through various topics on to develop a deeper understanding of situations and create opportunities for performing and building confidence.

  • Word craft -Through campaigns, interviews, surveys, journals and reports on the specific topics mentioned in the content shall help in examining contemporary issues from multiple perspectives.

  • Field trips to enhance the understanding of various institutions like the Police, Village Panchayats etc. and to bring the students closer to the real time issues in the working of these civic bodies.

Desh Apnayen provides a detailed framework, guidelines and handouts for conducting similar engaging and inspiring activities, themes and topics that can be possibly explored by the schools. Instructional guidelines and relevant links to the audio - video topics, directions to carry out the art, simulations, quizzes, debates, word craft and role plays on civics topics/concept of citizenship education/values of democracy and citizenship education program are provided by Desh Apnayen.

Participating schools have the flexibility to use these resources and administer it at their discretion. Participating schools can conduct these activities in their premises as per their schedule and with their own staff. This allows each school to participate in Desh Apnayen’s movement at their own pace.

Desh Apnayen Citizen Clubs in all schools will be threaded together in a common social media framework. This provides a vibrant platform to establish a community of like-minded teachers as well as students. Sharing of best practices and showcasing of achievements are encouraged and suitably rewarded.

You can also checkout all our other partnered schools and if you are passionate and want to inspire your community about citizenship and civic education participation - Join Us.

To learn more about citizenship club, its guidelines and activities, please click here


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