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Citizenship Education Programmes In College

Youth leadership and skill development

India is now the youngest country in the world, and it only makes sense to tap the potential of our college going youth and instil in them a sense of oneness and service for the country. To make democracy in schools and colleges come alive again is the purpose behind our college level programmes. Hence, these programmes are centered on the themes of volunteering for good, inspiring accountability, working upwards from the grass roots and inclusiveness.

In the past couple of years, Desh Apnayen has conducted a college programme in association with The Blue Ribbon Movement, the NSS Cell of Mumbai University, Praja and Bombay First.

The social aim of the college program was to have fellows engage in creating awareness about dialling 1916, which connects to the central complaint registration system (CCRS) of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) in order to improve infrastructural and sanitation issues around the city. The programme’s focus was also on creating awareness and initiating activities related to all important value education topics for college students.

Around 100 motivated and socially inclined students were selected from leading colleges for a rigorous 10-month leadership development program that immersed the students in personal exploration and social work in Mumbai. The program included a 2 day opening boot camp, followed by 21 skill-building sessions, which focused on fellows’ personal, professional and civic citizenship education related knowledge development.

The fellows, along with their volunteers, spread awareness about social issues through street plays, one-on-one interactions with citizens and surveys around their college and residential areas. By the end of the fellowship, the fellows reached out to over 5,000 people and filed 1,903 complaints to MCGM.

Desh Apnayen will launch its new college program for college students promoting youth leadership and skill development shortly.

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