Desh Apnayen Team has designed academic content for in-classroom learning and can be seamlessly aligned with the state and national level curricula. The civics content developed by Desh Apnayen is mapped to the curriculum topic wise, grade wise and board wise for SSC, ICSE and CBSE board schools.

The content is innovative, interactive and engaging with a focus on value inculcation and behavior modification among young students. Keeping a teacher’s ease at heart, all our content is structured and well researched where modules come with their own session plans, units, audio visual aids, worksheets and interesting project ideas. The program is pragmatic, something that can be done in the already allotted time schools have set aside for civics. Armed with a new perspective though, it is significantly more powerful, engaging and change making.

Free sample chapters (please click on the chapter names below to access the content)

  1. Rural Local Self Government and Urban Local Self Government
  2. Our Constitution
  3. Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens

If your school is interested in participating in Desh Apnayen’s school program and is keen to access the entire library of academic content, please reach out to us here. Please note that currently there is virtually no cost for schools to access this content.

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Organizing a Citizenship Club in your school:

Desh Apnayen Citizenship Club presents a unique extension to the in-class curricula we provide as a part of our engagement with schools. The members of this club will be proud torchbearers of democracy and will represent your school on different platforms.

How should this club be formed?

  • This club should have a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 8 students.
  • The member students should be from classes 7, 8 and 9 of your school.
  • The club should have office bearers as a President, a Vice President and a club coordinator.
    The students who fill these roles must be elected officials. Both these positions are up for re-election at the end of the year.
  • A minimum of two teachers must supervise the activities of this club. It is mandatory for at least one of the teachers to be from the social science department.

The roles and responsibilities of the club president and coordinator:

These office bearers must ensure that:

  • A club meeting is convened on a monthly basis.
  • The topic for that week’s discussion is circulated a week in advance.
  • All the activities mentioned should be carried out well.
  • All the activities are video recorded / images taken and sent to the Desh Apnayen Team.
  • Annual elections and re-elections are organized democratically and well in time.

What are the activities that the club must undertake?

  • The club is required to meet once in a month to discuss matters of national importance, debate current issues and carry out activities suggested by Desh Apnayen .
  • Please make a video recording / images of all these activities and send it to the DeshApnayen team.
  • The club must ensure that these citizenship club activities are undertaken at the stipulated time:

DISHA ( Democracy In Schools Having Action ) Syllabus Outline

Citizenship Citizenship

School level Events

  • Sadak – A street play event
  • The DeshApnayen team will send 8 to 10 street play scripts to the school by September’ 2015. These scripts will be in Hindi and English. The duration of each street play will be around 10 minutes
  • The club and supervising teachers must choose the play they like best and perform the same either in the school’s assembly or at a safe venue of choice outside the school grounds, such as nearby malls or parks.
  • Students who are not the members of this Club are also allowed to participate in the street play. The club must set up auditions for the same.
  • Since these are street plays, the club must not spend on costumes, sets and other paraphernalia.
  • The Desh Apnayen team must be informed of the date and venue when the school you intends to perform/enact these plays.
  • It is mandatory that the video recording / images / write-up of these plays must be sent to DeshApnayen Team. The same will also be shared on our social media sites.
  • Desh Apnayen Month
  • The Desh Apnayen month will commence on 25th October and end on 26th November, which we will celebrate as the DeshApnayen Day. This date is special as on 26th November 1949, our Constitution was adopted.
  • To celebrate this month, the members of the club must draft a ‘Citizenship Pledge’ and make the whole school take it collectively.
  • Activities suggested for Desh Apnayen Month are as follows:
  • The Club must download an interactive worksheet from our website and complete the same.
  • The Club must download a unique ‘I-Quiz’ from our website, fill it in and send us the results. This is a self-introspection quiz about the kind of citizen you are.
  • The Desh Apnayen month must culminate with a beautiful song that the club members have composed.
  • Please make a video recording / images of all activities and send it to the DeshApnayen team.

Desh Apnayen Awards

“Desh Apnayen Awards” – A recognition initiative

“Desh Apnayen Awards” felicitates a few select schools for their outstanding contributions towards promoting citizenship education and civic participation.

A panel of experts is set up by Desh Apnayen Foundation to select and recognize the most contributing schools, teachers and students for their support to the movement from apathy to ownership.

“Desh Apnayen Awards” – broad based judging criteria

The judging criteria used for selection and felicitation includes parameters such as

  • Number of citizenship club activities carried out by the school,
  • Quality of the execution of citizenship club activities,
  • Level of social impact made on students and community,
  • Contribution to the neighbourhood
  • The good work shared with Desh Apnayen by partner schools

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