Civics & Citizenship Education Content for SSC, ICSE & CBSE Board Schools

Desh Apnayen Team has designed academic content for in-classroom learning and can be seamlessly aligned with the state and national level curricula. Civics & Citizenship educational content developed by Desh Apnayen is mapped to the curriculum topic wise, grade wise and board wise for SSC, ICSE and CBSE board schools.

The content is innovative, interactive and engaging with a focus on value inculcation and behavior modification among young students. Keeping a teacher’s ease at heart, all our content is structured and well researched where modules come with their own session plans, units, audio visual aids, worksheets and interesting project ideas. The program is pragmatic, something that can be done in the already allotted time schools have set aside for civics. Armed with a new perspective though, it is significantly more powerful, engaging and change making.

If your school is interested in participating in DA’s school programmes and is keen to access the entire library of academic content, please reach out to us here. Please note that currently there is virtually no cost for schools to access this content.


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