1. What is Desh Apnayen?

The Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation is a movement that aims to build an accountable citizenry and society around three important themes: citizenship education, volunteerism and neighbourhood. It is founded by Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali, co-founder and chairman of ENAM Group. It is a not-for-profit initiative that inspires and educates young minds to be conscious and active citizens.
Currently, the Desh Apnayen’s School program offers innovative, engaging and curriculum based civics content, grade wise for grades 5 to 9, board wise for SSC, ICSE, CBSE and IB board schools. Participating schools, register on Desh Apnayen’s website to download the experiential learning content for civics and citizenship club activities.

2. What does the Foundation do?

The foundation strives to build an empowered and accountable youth that can think, innovate and re-imagine our country by harnessing the “WILL” and the “SKILL” in the young minds. Through our innovative yet curriculum based citizenship education school program, we inspire young minds to clear thinking, active participation and contribute to our country’s progress. This program is mapped to Civics curriculum board wise, grade wise and topic wise for grades 5 to 9. It becomes a part of the school’s time table and the social science teachers implement the same in the classes.

3. Why is Citizenship education and Civic participation important in Indian schools?

The Citizenship education is important, because:

  • It inspires the students to imbibe the WILL (inspiration) and develop the SKILLS (knowledge) to emerge as contributing citizens.
  • It promotes the power of democracy, patriotism, peace and celebrates the Indian ethos, history and culture.
  • It stimulates and trains the young minds to be accountable and active citizens.
  • It creates awareness on global social issues through a series of experiential, engaging and fun loaded activities.

4. How does the school program work?

The teachers have the flexibility of teaching the content as per their convenience.
Working of the school program:

  • i) Desh Apnayen team approaches the school.
  • ii) Meets the head to talk about the purpose of this program and to display the content.
  • iii) The school sets aside a date for the workshop for teachers teaching civics.
  • iv) The “train the trainer” workshop is conducted.
  • v) The school registers and downloads the content.

Desh Apnayen has launched the School program as a pilot project in Mumbai for the academic year 2015-16.Since then, Desh Apnayen has reached out to schools in other states and is introducing content in Hindi and Marathi as well.

5. How is Desh Apnayen’s School Program unique?

Desh Apnayen’s School Program is unique because it advocates a new perspective.

  • No change in the curriculum but a change in approach and perspective.
  • Virtually, zero cost to schools.
  • An Interactive, engaging and thought-inspiring content.
  • Focused at practical application and fun learning.
  • Training to the teachers, enabling them to go that extra mile in their careers, to make them more empowered and aware teachers –“ Train the Trainer ”
  • Recognition to well performing schools, students and teachers.
  • It engages with the students in a unique way which imparts skill and a will for transformation as a conscious citizen.
  • Events at school and inter school level which promote citizenship education and civic participation.

Currently, Desh Apnayen offers the teacher training workshops for SSC, ICSE, CBSE and IB board schools located in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Desh Apnayen foundation sponsors the whole program in Mumbai.

6. Will Desh Apnayen team come and deliver the content to our students? How will we get the content? Are you going to send us the hard copies?

Teachers can choose the teaching tools to teach Civics available on our Website. The teacher is our main ally in making our dreams of an Actizen® citizenry come true. Individual teachers can use this material in the time they have set aside for their social science classes. This content can be downloaded free of cost from our website after a simple registration process.

7. What tools do you use to teach civics?

The tools we use to enable this learning are:

  • A progression plan for each chapter.
  • Objectives and tools for each chapter.
  • Power Point presentations embedded with audio and video files, activity ideas and discussion questions.
  • Teachers’ Handouts with unique activity ideas suitable for 20-60 students and stories to share with the class.
  • Class Handouts or notes on various topics that can be distributed to the students.
  • Worksheets to inspire innovation and curiosity.
  • Relevant audio files and movies for every chapter.

8. How can one access the school program that Desh Apnayen is offering?

This program can be accessed by filling a simple form on our website. To register today and schedule a training for your teachers, please fill this form. You can also send an email to for the same.


One can access the school programme by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit our website:
  • Sign in and fill the registration form.
  • Confirm your registration by clicking on the link that will be sent to you to your inbox on the email id mentioned in the registration form.
  • By pressing on the link, you will automatically be directed to the website.
  • Enter user login details.
  • Enter the OTP number sent to you on your mobile phone.
  • Your registration is now complete.
  • View/download DISHA, Actizen® and Desh Apnayen Actizen® Club content.

9. How is this program to be implemented in the classroom?

With great ease! To use the program in the classroom, please follow these 6 steps:

  • Write to us to have your school record created in our website.
  • Once your school record is created, teachers can register under your school
  • Ask for a free training session for two and a half hours.
  • Choose the topic you want to teach.
  • Download the content and take print outs if required.
  • The movies and the power point presentations can be shown from our website itself.
  • Have fun!

Currently, Desh Apnayen offers the teacher training workshops for SSC, ICSE, CBSE and IB board schools located in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Desh Apnayen foundation sponsors the whole program.

10. Where can I register or sign in from?

You can use this link to register or sign in:

11. I represent a school and would like to sign up for your program and the teacher training session. How do I do that?

That’s great! You can either contact us through the reach us section on our website or send an email to:

12. How much does your program cost?

Virtually, no cost to schools ☺
Currently, Desh Apnayen foundation sponsors the whole program.

13. What is the citizenship club?

Desh Apnayen Actizen® Club is a citizenship club that aims to provide life-learning opportunities for our youth which will significantly influence and benefit their development as committed Indian citizens. Participation in Desh Apnayen Actizen Club develops leadership skills, exposes students to the various citizenship ideals that the country values and provides some very positive mentoring. The Desh Apnayen Actizen Club is also the ‘go to’ club for the school for any activities related to days of national importance, community related initiatives and neighborhood engagement.

14. How can I follow you on social media?

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter Blogs and Newsletters that appear on our home page or follow these links

15. What technology infrastructure do I need to use Desh Apnayen Content in classrooms?

You would need an internet connection, PC and projector to successfully run all videos, audios, PPTs, worksheets and other tools of learning suggested in the Desh Apnayen School programs.

16. What to do, if I am not able to register and download the content?

You can either contact us through the reach us section on our website or send an email to Desh Apnayen team will help you to Register and download the content.

17. Whom do we work with?

We run citizenship education and civic participation programs in schools that sign up with our organization and believe in our cause. If you would like to sign up, please write to us.

18. I would love to work with you. How can I apply?

We would be delighted to hear from you. Please send us an email at

19. How else can I connect with the good work Desh Apnayen is doing?

You can connect with us using our blogs and newsletters as well. We shall be happy to hear from you and use your inputs in the contributors section. You can access our blogs and newsletters via the website’s homepage.


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