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C.B.S.E. Class 6 - Chapter 1 - Understanding diversity


India is a well-known country of the oldest civilization in the world ,where people of many ethnic groups live together for years. It is a country of diverse civilization where people use almost 1650 spoken languages and dialects according to their religion and choice. In spite of being related to different cultures, traditions, religions, and languages; people here respect each other and live together with lots of love and feeling of brotherhood. Let us learn more in the chapter.

Lesson Plan

Period-1: Meaning of diversity
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Period-2: Unity in diversity
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Class Handout

Period-1: Role play - Unity in diversity
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Period-2: Game- Where am I?
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Period-1: Travelogue
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Period-2: Interview with neighbour
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Period 1
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Period-1: Song on diversity
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Period-2:Mera desh
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