Vision and Mission


Desh Apnayen is focused on creating a sense of ownership for the country in the society and particularly in the youth and inspiring them to take part as owners in our civic and citizenship education programmes. We believe in participatory leadership and we aim to create a motivated citizenry for the same.

The three pillars that will help us achieve this are:

  1. Citizenship education – where we enable youth to foster a spirit of pride and patriotism for the country.
  2. Volunteerism – where we encourage community-driven models of change, leading to sustainable outcomes.
  3. Neighbourhood – charity must begin at home and in the neighbourhood. After all, the nation is nothing but all neighbourhoods put together.

Desh Apnayen’s school programmes and college programmes are participative, proactive and help individuals understand the concept of citizenship in India and play their part in democracy better. We envision a community of young leaders and change makers who believe that they are responsible for the development of the country and are willing to work together towards building the nation of their dreams.

To know and learn more about ‘What is Citizenship Education’ you can access/download our unique content and understand the concept of citizenship in India in detail HERE. Also watch out for our Blogs and Newsletters.


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