Our Vision and Mission

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

India is the youngest country in the world and also the world’s largest democracy. How can we harness this latent potential to shape extraordinary citizens who will make her the world’s greatest democracy?

With this dream in mind, Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation was started in 2015.

History has shown us that often it takes just one alert, informed and active citizen – what we call an ACTIZEN®️  – to create a revolution in the way entire communities live, while setting off an unstoppable ripple effect for the better.

Come, join us in our mission to nurture ACTIZENS®️  and make India a great country…

Our Pledge

India belongs to all its citizens
It belongs to me, it belongs to us

I have a right, to live in peace and purposefully
But it is possible only if I live responsibly

I work for its progress, peace and protection
Along with the government meant for such action

Learn to protest when they need a correction
And together again till we see the correction

India can remain ahead and great
Only when we remain great, I remain great

If I respect the law, even if some don’t
Maintain cleanliness, even if others don’t

Keep my promises, have quality in all my work
Respect others’ rights and help those without work

I am capable, I am strong
I belong to East, West, North and South

I pledge to make our country strong
I pledge to make India proud!

Our Pledge in hindi