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“Our typical response to issues around us is to keep complaining! Doesn’t help much. Of all the people who can solve it, only we remain affected due to the unresolved problem. Better, therefore, to inform ourselves of the solution and be a part of it to improve our life quickly. Can we all drop our apathy to become ACTIZENS®️ – Alert, Informed, Active Citizens?

Getting the students to learn from the heroes of the past and present to create a great future is the current mission of Desh Apnayen Foundation. 

Come, join the movement. Aao hum sab desh apnayen, chalta hai ko duur bhagayen, bhavishya bachayen, bhagya banaye…”

Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali
Founder and Chief Mentor, Desh Apnayen


Desh Apnayen was founded by Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali, Co-founder and Chairman of ENAM Securities, and his associates in 2015. Our vision is to co-create Democracy 2.0, by building an accountable citizenry and society around three important themes: citizenship education, volunteerism and neighbourhood engagement. We offer a variety of programmes to schools, at no cost to them. Currently, our key offerings are:

The ACTiZENS' Club, our flagship programme, is offered to students in 14 states of India at no cost.

Government Schools in Madhya Pradesh


Government and Govt-Aided Schools in Goa


Government Schools in Karnataka


Private Schools


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