Letter of Partnership

For Schools Interested in Desh Apnayen's Programmes

Respected Principal

We welcome you as Desh Apnayen Foundation’s Partner School. By signing up this ‘Letter of Partnership’ form, you have partnered with us in our mission of creating ACTIZENS – Alert, Informed and Active Citizens.

You will now get to use Desh Apnayen’s enriching and creative activities and content in classrooms, schools, and the community. This partnership will make Civics and Citizenship Education a more meaningful and interactive subject to be imparted to the young learners in your school.

Desh Apnayen envisions a future of ACTIZEN® democracy for our country where citizens know the importance of participating in a democracy and performing their duties besides claiming their rights. Desh Apnayen has dedicated itself to change the present state of affairs of the country to enable the movement from Apathy to Ownership. We have made a massive investment in resources in a concerted manner for this Nation-Changing Social Initiative.

We work with schools because they are the only ones with sustained contact, relationship, capability, and authority to impart such life-changing education. Desh Apnayen hopes to facilitate and motivate the students and teachers. To do so in a more effective manner, in the spirit of creating lasting change, Desh Apnayen’s programmes are offered at no cost to schools.

As a Partner School, we expect the most sincere, committed and continued involvement from you, as this is not a personal or profit-making effort.

Desh Apnayen offers the following programmes. Please select the programmes that you are interested in:

Yearly Thematic Calendar with 4 activities every monthActivities for Days of National and International ImportanceACTIZEN® ContestDesh Apnayen ACTIZENS'® ClubDISHA Programme (mapped to the academic curriculum)

These programmes will be offered based on the Partner School’s engagement with Desh Apnayen.

Following are the initial steps to engage with Desh Apnayen:
• Nominate a ‘Desh Apnayen Teacher’ who can act as a Single Point of Contact between Desh Apnayen and your school.
• Initiate the Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS’® Club.
• Allocate a prominent space for the ‘Desh Apnayen Wall’ to display Desh Apnayen’s ongoing activities, blog posts, newsletters or posters.

Please write to info@deshapnayen.org if you would like us to take you through the process over a phone call.

Please provide the name and contact details of the Teacher who will be the Single Point of Contact between Desh Apnayen and your School:

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Teacher's Phone Number:

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Teacher's Designation:

Teacher's Teaching Subject:

Teaching Grades of Teacher:

Please provide the following information about your School:

School Board:

Landline Number:

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