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Citizenship Education Programme - DeshApnayen

Other Value Education Programmes

We partner with various social and community based organisations to make sure we effect change from the ground level.

Our other programmes for individuals and professionals are based on our deeply held values of social justice, equality and peace. We wish to inspire a sense of responsibility and self - awareness in us as citizens of this great country through endeavours like:

  • Presenting and promoting a film – ‘History of Yoga’, a film that has gathered 6000 years of evidence. An inspiring lore.
  • Vipassana Meditation ( non - sectarian )
  • Mentoring of youth – on civics responsibilities and citizenship education, value education topics for college students, democracy in school education, India.
  • Haiyya - promoted and strengthened participatory democracy in urban neighbourhoods to build an aware and active citizenry.

We encourage all like-minded communities to Join Us. We encourage ideas related to civic engagement activities for youth, community development activities and community engagement activities for youth. So if you have such ideas you can write to us at


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