A Small Step, But A Huge Practical One

A Small Step, But A Huge Practical One

There has been  a clarion call to shun Chinese Apps and consumer goods. All Actizens should respond positively to the call.

China has been engaged in direct or indirect war/ border dispute with India for almost 60 years. They have escalated it currently. Supporting them is supporting the attack on us and our soldiers.

The prime minister has given a call for becoming Atmanirbhar. We can and must make a small beginning.

Most importantly, it is the beginning to be alert about what is happening around us and deciding to be informed about it.

Taking one small active step is the beginning of a long journey to play a bigger and decisive role in shaping one’s own future.

A high quality Democracy demands that citizens cannot leave their welfare solely to the elected or the appointed. Demanding what is due in a civil manner and also proactively supporting them with rigour. This requires that the citizens keep themselves well-informed and be alert about issues, while being ready to act appropriately. This will make the Government of the day have more options, to deal with issues and feel closer to the citizens.

Abandoning Chinese origin apps and consumer goods is a small step but a huge practical one to take charge of our future. Of being an Actizen.

Ladhak’s Gandhi, Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, and a great supporter of Desh Apnayen and its cause has given a compelling call to shun Chinese Apps etc. Please listen and act NOW and share the action with us at AnActizenStep@deshapnayen.org

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