Citizens have more authority than they realise in the functioning of a country. An ACTIZEN® (Alert, Informed and Active Citizen) does not only vote in elections but is also aware of the developments in between.

She has a say in the new developments and the affairs of the country. To train our generation of students in 21st century skills and to kindle the will to be more informed and active, Desh Apnayen has designed ACTIZEN® Education.

In this new environment Teachers can inspire students into becoming ACTIZENS® by:

  • orienting them as to the need for it
  • providing them with the relevant knowledge in a fun and handy manner, developed by Desh Apnayen
  • giving them the ability to turn knowledge into action
  • and by repetition of this cycle of ‘learning- doing’ make them lifelong learners.

The lesson plans are aligned closely with the curriculum laid down by the State boardsI.C.S.E. and C.B.S.E.

This comprises detailed step-by-step teaching and learning, based on pedagogical theories like Bloom’s Taxonomy and Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligences Theory. These are woven into the lesson plans to provide integrated and extended learning on each topic.

The role plays, worksheets, games, activities, drama, simulations etc. make it easy for the students to grow easily into an ACTIZEN® and remain excited about Citizenship Education for life.

Teachers can use any part of the lessons as they are coherent and cohesive. The lessons are lucid and comprehensive to result in desired outcomes.