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Our school programme, DISHA, is practical, innovative and aligned to our national and state curricula. DISHA provide opportunities for curiosity, exploration and team work. It is designed to invigorate both the teachers and the students and invite critical thinking, application and a motivation to study civic responsibilities and citizenship education.

Democracy In Schools Having Action - DISHA
Schools that participate in Desh Apnayen's school program – DISHA (Democracy in Schools Having Action) have four major benefits:
  • Access to unique, supplementary and innovative civics content mapped to curriculum
  • Access to Fellowship Program for teachers (Online teacher training workshop available)
  • Access to detailed citizenship club operational guidelines and participation in an unique social media platform
  • Participation in citizenship themed inter-school events
Desh Apnayen's school programmes are innovative, engaging, exciting and provide experiential learning of civics responsibilities and citizenship. Our school programme DISHA, is designed to spark a WILL (inspiration) in the student community and develop SKILLS (Knowledge) to embrace a new consciousness, understand the levels of our government, how we operate as a nation and to question lethargy and complacency. This programme also gives information about the importance of value education in school curriculum.Through DISHA, we enable children to become mature citizens, articulate in thought and action. Our programmes gives information about importance of value education in school curriculum.

Unique Content

Content is designed for in-classroom learning and can be seamlessly aligned with Maharashtra state board, CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE boards. The civics topics content developed by Desh Apnayen is mapped to the curriculum topic wise, and grade wise with the board the school follows. The content is innovative, interactive and engaging with a focus on value inculcation and behaviour modification among young students. Keeping a teacher’s ease at heart, all our content is structured and well researched where modules come with their own session plans, units, audio visual aids, civics responsibilities and citizenship worksheets and interesting project ideas. The program is pragmatic, something that can be done in the already allotted time schools have set aside for civics. The content is fun to teach and learn and yet enables scoring well at the exams. Armed with a new perspective though, it is significantly more powerful, engaging and change making.

Fellowship for Teachers

At the heart of all our work, is collaboration. An in-house team of experts at Desh Apnayen provides excellent pedagogical and content related training to the teachers of the school that adopts the programme, and continues to hold their hand through out the academic year. We take your feedback, monitor the implementation and help you assess the value you have created in your class through our unique impact assessment framework.

We start with students to steer their natural enthusiasm and curiosity in a meaningful direction. Teachers are our partners in progress in this journey – the ones who make all results possible, who sow the seed of that one idea that can change the world. Teachers are our guiding lights.

We provide teacher fellowship program online or offline (depending on the location of the school).

Citizenship Club - Experiential learning

Desh Apnayen encourages all partner schools to start a “Desh Apnayen Actizen® Club” in their schools. It aims to provide life-learning opportunities for our youth which significantly influence and benefit their development as committed Indian citizens using experiential learning.

The purpose of the club is to:
  • develop empathetic thinking, leadership skills and expose them to various civics and citizenship ideas,
  • inspire and train the students to be compassionate and responsible citizens,
  • achieve an augmented awareness of global social issues through a series of experiential, engaging and fun loaded activities: simulations, debates, quizzes, civics responsibilities and citizenship worksheet, art based activities, street plays, interaction with government officials, armed forces, police, role plays on civics topics, concept of citizenship education, values of democracy and more.
  • School initiated events like, competitions, lecture series, Guest speakers, and panel discussions.

Community Engagement Projects

School led civic engagement projects which are conducted by students – street beautification, inter-religious faith event and visit to nearby NGOs.

This program is currently funded by Desh Apnayen, sponsors and donors, to ensure virtually no cost to schools and students.
This programme is unique because:
  • No change in the curriculum of democracy in schools education but a change in approach and perspective.
  • Virtually, zero cost to schools.
  • Interactive, engaging and thought-inspiring content.
  • Training to the teachers, enabling them to go that extra mile in their careers – Teacher Fellowship.
  • Recognition to well performing schools, students and teachers.
  • It engages with the students in a unique way which imparts skill and a will for transformation.
  • Events at school and inter school level which promote citizenship education and civic participation.
Implementation of Desh Apnayen school program
Pilot project in Mumbai
Desh Apnayen has launched the School programme as a pilot project in Mumbai for the academic year 2015 - 16.

Desh Apnayen’s innovative, engaging, civic and citizenship education curriculum based content, is currently delivered grade wise and board wise to SSC, ISCE and CBSE Boards schools located in Mumbai, New Mumbai and Thane. Schools participating and registering in Desh Apnayen programme can download related content on civics content through our website.

Currently Desh Apnayen conducts teacher training workshops in Mumbai to help teachers understand the content methodology and enable them to use the content easily in their classes. This training program called “Train the Trainer” is implemented at no cost to schools. The teachers then run the programme in their own classes in the already stipulated time they have for social science or civics education every month.

In class room civics learning is complemented with intra-school and inter-school events. These events promote civic and citizenship education and participation through fun experiences.

Desh Apnayen provides :
  • All the necessary audio visual content and teaching aids. This content is modelled on the prescribed textbooks for the board the school adheres to.
  • Civics responsibilities and citizenship Worksheets for students
  • Units and session plans for teachers
  • Handouts for the teachers and students
  • Citizenship club - Club guidelines, activities, themes, topics, pre - determined set of instructional events.
  • Events - Information, invitation and recognition to students, teachers and Schools
Desh Apnayen provides support and monitoring to the participating schools. Refresher training is also provided on a need basis.

Schools interested in participating in this programme and located in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane area can contact us for further details and engagement.

Pan India Roll Out

Desh Apnayen will do pan-India roll out of its school program in the near future. We are in the process of partnering with appropriate organisations to offer teacher training and associated support democracy in schools education situated out of Mumbai. For information on who are partner schools are Click Here.

Out of Mumbai schools interested in participating in this programme and can contact us for further details at or Call Us on 022 – 66381800 / 66381801

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