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Citizenship Education Programmes In School

Our school programme, DISHA, is practical, innovative and aligned to our national and state curricula. DISHA provide opportunities for curiosity, exploration and team work. It is designed to invigorate both the teachers and the students and invite critical thinking, application and a motivation to study civic responsibilities and citizenship education.

Democracy In Schools Having Action - DISHA
Schools that participate in Desh Apnayen's school program – DISHA (Democracy in Schools Having Action) have four major benefits:
  • Access to unique, supplementary and innovative civics content mapped to curriculum
  • Access to Fellowship Program for teachers (Online teacher training workshop available)
  • Access to detailed citizenship club operational guidelines and participation in an unique social media platform
  • Participation in citizenship themed inter-school events
Desh Apnayen's school programmes are innovative, engaging, exciting and provide experiential learning of civics responsibilities and citizenship. Our school programme DISHA, is designed to spark a WILL (inspiration) in the student community and develop SKILLS (Knowledge) to embrace a new consciousness, understand the levels of our government, how we operate as a nation and to question lethargy and complacency. This programme also gives information about the importance of value education in school curriculum.Through DISHA, we enable children to become mature citizens, articulate in thought and action. Our programmes gives information about importance of value education in school curriculum.
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Citizens have more authority than they realise in the functioning of a country. An ACTIZEN® (Alert, Informed and Active Citizen) does not only vote in elections but is also aware of the developments in between.

She has a say in the new developments and the affairs of the country. To train our generation of students in 21st century skills and to kindle the will to be more informed and active, Desh Apnayen has designed ACTIZEN® Education

In this new environment Teachers can inspire students into becoming ACTIZENS® by:

  • orienting them as to the need for it
  • providing them with the relevant knowledge in a fun and handy manner, developed by Desh Apnayen
  • giving them the ability to turn knowledge into action
  • and by repetition of this cycle of ‘learning- doing’ make them lifelong learners.
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    Desh Apnayen ACTIZEN® Club is an experiential Civics laboratory which encourages students to become ACTIZENS® by learning and experiencing 21st century skills.

    1. A formal group of students from Class 5th to 9th who choose Civics/Citizenship.
    2. No forced membership.
    3. 2 - 5 students per section per grade is desirable, with no upper limit.
    4. Comprises of thematic Annual planner and 4 types of activities/events per month (In classroom activities, School level events/activities, Community engagement activities and Research based activities).
    5. Time required – Only 1 Hour per week for conducting activities (2 activities per month are recommended, 3-4 activities per month are desirable for longer impact).
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    The Actizen® Contest is a mission to create and unite alert, informed and active young citizens for a better India.

    To make participative democracy exciting, we created the two-phase, inter-school Actizen® contest for students between grades seven and nine.

    The contest is designed to act as a catalyst that kickstarts imaginations on how to solve the big issues, and sparks community-level action to tackle these issues head on.

    Student participation is the driving force behind the Actizen® contest, but the parents, teachers and school principals that support them are equally important.


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